Marios Papachristou Personal Homepage


Past & Current Projects

3gm – Google Summer of Code

May 2018 - August 2018 (Summer internship)

This project aims to provide an automated codex of with the most recent versions of each law in Greek Legislation via NLP methods and practices.

Results are published at

Technologies Used: Python, gensim, spaCy, numpy, sklearn, flask, bash, MongoDB


November 2017 - present (start-up)

I am co-founder and software engineer of a fintech startup called Ratle. We have implemented a fully-working and automated contactless transaction system that aims to eliminate the need of the cashiers and the struggle of time-consuming waiting queues. At the time being, the payment is done automatically based on indoor positioning done with beacons which that track the products you want to buy. Our website is at Test on real (pilot) store

Technologies Used: Typescript, HTML, CSS, Google Firebase, Beacons, Time-varying denoising techniques

TEDx NTUA Website

October 2017 - April 2018

Responsible for website development (developed in Laravel PHP framework) and technical support.You can find more at

Technologies Used: PHP, Laravel, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, MySQL


March 2016 (Hackathon Contest)

SignGlove is a gesture glove targeted for people with disabilities. It features a sign langage translator glove capable of transforming sign language to speakable words which was built during ECESCON 9 Hackathon. Repository hosted at GitHub

Technologies Used: Python Android Scripting Layer, Kivy, NumPy, ctypes, C++


July 2014-August 2014 (Research Project at Hellenic Centre for Marine Research)

Triton FPR is a Fish Pattern Recognition Project which aims to identify captured species and provide the users and researchers with the proper information. The user captures a photo of the desired specimen and requests identification. Then, the computer attempts identification by looking at a pre-generated database being acquired during previous research activities on already acquainted species. Finally, it performs morphometric analysis on the selected specimen. Repository hosted at GitHub

Technologies Used: Python, NumPy, OpenCV

LEGO 3D Printing-Milling Machine

Approx. 2010 (Freelance Project)

This is a project in which a special (reverse-engineered) RepRap 3D printer and milling machine. Using LEGO as modular components make the machine is made hybrid with the capability of placing a specialized extruder instead of the milling bit. This project also led to a paper publication at Elsevier’s Telematics & Informatics Journal at age 16 (see [1]). Repository hosted at GitHub and legacy repo at Google Code

Technologies Used: Java, LeJOS NXJ